How to Make it a Happy New Year and a Healthy New You

New Year's Eve is traditionally a time for reflecting on the past and making plans for the future (we're looking at you, New Year's resolutions). So this year, when the clock chimes midnight and the Times Square ball drops, make a self-care pledge to yourself for 2020. Promise your mind and body you'll trade bad habits for good ones to achieve better physical and emotional well-being. Here are some suggestions on how to make it a happy New Year and a healthy new you. 

Good Health Starts on the Inside 

We all know that excess sugar, alcohol, and processed foods are bad for our bodies. But anyone who's ever tried to kick them to the curb also knows they're pretty darn addictive! With a little willpower, making healthy food swaps is achievable, and will lead to increased energy, improved focus, and sparkling skin. Drink plenty of water, eat your greens and treat your body like the temple it is! 

Get Moving, Start Improving 

If you're more about extra fries than exercise, promise yourself you'll make 2020 the Year of the Workout. Exercise is known to have wide-ranging benefits for both physical and mental health. It gives you a feel-good boost, releases tension, promotes proper heart function, and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Choose an activity that inspires you and you're more likely to stick to your goals. Now take that advice and run (to the gym) with it!  

Opt for Natural Skin Nourishment

Many commercial skincare products are loaded with toxic, unpronounceable ingredients. By choosing organic body scrubs and butters made with all-natural oils, you'll be giving your skin the best and safest possible nourishment. You'll radiate health and vitality while boasting skin that's touchably soft, silky-smooth, and wrapped in luscious fragrance. Want to get happy and healthy? Listen to Mother Nature; she knows what's best for you!