Why Natural Products are Better for Your Body 

When it comes to skincare products, it's pretty much a given that natural is best. Beauty fans nowadays are woke; they're increasingly shunning chemical-laden products for organic lovelies made using essential oils and plant-based ingredients. After all, nobody wants to cover their skin with sodium-lauryl-something, formalde-what-now, and those other hideous chemicals that read like a scrambled list of consonants.   

Think about it; you wouldn't live off junk food (though we won't judge your occasional burger-and-fries cravings) because you know it's bad for your health and, well, a dish bursting with rainbow-colored veggies is so much more appealing. So why would you put junk on your skin when you could nourish it with fresh, natural goodness?  

Yeah, but what's so bad about chemicals anyways? Many chemicals contained in regular skincare products can cause irritation, dryness, breakouts, and sensitivity on the epidermis. Often, they exacerbate the problem they're so-called designed to alleviate!  

Worse still, these synthetic, toxic ingredients don't only attack the surface of your skin, but also seep through it over time, entering your bloodstream and lymphatic system. Some, like parabens, are believed to alter hormone function which can encourage the growth of cancerous tumors. Others, such as propylene glycol can harm your internal organs, while phthalates can cause abnormalities in the reproductive organs. Let's face it, none of that sounds pleasant - or safe.  

OK, I'm convinced! So what's the alternative? At Earth Girl, we cast out chemicals and instead champion the plant-powered wonders provided by Mother Nature. Our skincare products are made using natural ingredients you can actually pronounce and benefit from. Every blend is crafted with care to nourish, soothe, moisturize, and protect your skin - from the tip of your toes to your perfect pout! They're gentle enough for sensitive souls but powerful enough to reignite your radiance - all while enveloping you in heavenly fragrance that lifts your senses. No chemical can do that!