3 Natural Stress Remedies to Restore Your Holiday Spirit

Christmas is without a doubt the most wonderful time of the year... but it's also quite possibly the most stressful. If you're feeling more pressure than Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, more worn-out than last year's novelty sweater, and more drained than the bottle of eggnog when Aunt Thelma comes to stay, try these natural solutions to give you back your holly jolly feeling:

  1. Scent-sational Stress Management

Don't underestimate the pick-me-up power of aromatherapy! Feel-good fragrances such as cinnamon, pine, peppermint, and citrus can help sharpen your mind, improve concentration, and lift your spirits. Soothing lavender and jasmine aid relaxation and help alleviate the Holiday Blues. Pamper yourself with a blissful bath enriched with one of our customizable Organic Spa Kits and you'll feel ready to face all levels of Christmas chaos

  1. Go Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

The winter weather is no excuse for hibernating indoors! A brisk walk or even a gentle stroll in the great outdoors is proven to boost a low mood and relieve stress. Wrap up warm, get some exercise, and connect with nature. Breathe deeply, take time to appreciate the natural beauty around you, and you'll literally feel the tension and anxiety melt away like snowflakes

  1. Avoid Gift-Giver's Guilt

Christmas is a time for giving, that's true. But if your rapidly-dwindling finances are adding to your worries, it's time to ditch the expensive, impersonal gifts in place of thoughtful homemade treats. Our Organic Spa Kits make darling gifts for beauty addicts - their recipes can be customized so choose the product and fragrances you know the recipient will adore. Our spa kits are way more tasteful than a pair of novelty socks and are guaranteed to be gratefully received. Midwinter Meltdown - avoided