Welcome to Earth Girl!

We are passionate about caring for the environment and about creating skin-safe, non-toxic beauty products. We believe that simple, natural ingredients are best for your skin, so we developed an exclusive line of organic beauty and spa products you can feel good about using!

Our planet is under more stress than ever before, from plastic pollution filling up the oceans to large-scale factories choking the skies with smoke. As consumers, we have a responsibility to take action, whether that's by choosing chemical free beauty products or by reducing the number of throwaway plastic containers we use. While everyone loves to treat their skin to luxurious bath and beauty products, this pleasure shouldn't come at the expense of the environment. Thankfully, Earth Girl makes it easy for you to care for the planet while pampering your skin.

If you're searching for natural skin care products with a conscience, look no further. I, Melissa, the founder of Earth Girl, have been an advocate for the environment since I was little, and have now channeled my dedication to eco-friendly manufacturing practices into this fresh and exciting brand. You won't find any disposable plastic containers, harmful toxic additives, or animal testing here - just pure beauty with pronounceable ingredients! Our products are all handmade in small batches and beautifully packaged in planet-friendly glass jars with recycled paper labels.  

We harness nature's goodness to help you nourish your skin and nurture your senses. We use nothing but pure, organic ingredients and essential oils; these are locally-sourced whenever possible to ensure the highest standard of quality and optimal freshness. When you purchase our organic spa products, you can rest easy knowing they are safe for use on every member of your family, including tiny tots and pregnant women.